About My San Jose Blog

San Jose is a well-connected city that covers a geographical area of about 180 miles that connects San Francisco and beyond. It has a wide range of convenient transportation options; taxis, buses, train and motorcycles that make it easily accessible from numerous major freeways around the city. Downtown is very safe and secure, just like any other parts of the city.

For the first time visitors who would like to explore San Jose and its surrounding environs, I highly recommend renting a car for transportation. Nonetheless, the city is highly serviced by light rail and Cal train. You can drive south on the beach if swimming is your thing as you pass through Los Gatos town with its quaint restaurants and shops. If you like running trails or hiking I highly recommend Mid-Peninsula Open Space District as it has a long list of fared open areas devoted to hikers, runners and even cyclists.

The city has a lovely garden called Heritage Rose Gardens that you can also visit to ease your mind, if you want to have a sparkling night scene, the city has several great dance and music places around downtown like the HP Pavilion which host sports, music and any other special event all the way through the year.

If you enjoy Flea markets, the city has the best Flea marketplaces in California that you can end up spending a whole day exploring the flea markets and enjoying the food offered there. San Jose is truly a nice place to visit. Try it out!

Tips for choosing the best adult party fetish bdsm club in San Jose.

Are you looking for a luxury and longest running fetish and BDSM club ever? There are different types of clubs in San Jose but not all of them can offer the best party and fetish services that can meet the required threshold. There are those clubs that tend to offer the state of the art facilities and party events but in the long run, they end up offering clients or rather members with poor services. For that reason, there is need to consider certain tips or rather factors that will help you to find a luxury club ever. Some of these tips may seem basic but actually very vital in finding best and longest running fetish and BDSM club ever. They include but not limited to the following:

Look at the fun equipment available.

Before you choose the best club, it is always prudent to inquire about the fun equipment available at the club. This is because some clubs in San Jose have good amenities, flexible terms of conditions but poor fun equipment. It is good to go for a club, a bar or BDSM group that have equipment that are safe for its members and will guarantee its members of absolute fun like never before. Some bars will have tv monitors and they will show spanking videos there too.

Location of the club

The best club should always be located in a strategic discreet place. This is because; it is wise to go for a club hat is located in a cool and discreet neighborhood thus safe for all its members. Some members may prefer private neighborhood clubs that are very discreet and strategically located.

Nature of fetish and BDSM services offered.

Before you embark on choosing your favorite club in San Jose, it is good to assess the nature of the fetish and BDSM services offered at the club. The best fetish and BDSM club should always offer intense and exhilarating services like never before. For instance, such a club in San Jose should offer extensive range of services and activities such as spanking, professional domination, fetish, role plays and fantasy among other breathtaking activities. The best club should always offer top notch and effective office or school based punishment scenes, sensual domination and absolute fantasy fulfillment.

Kind of amenities available at the club

When it comes to choosing the best club that will offer you personalized and client centered services, it is always good to assess the nature of all fun amenities available in such a club in San Jose. This means that is good to look at the nature of bars, recreational activities among other things. When it comes to spanking, spank, bdsm, fetish and other related stuff, the nature of fun equipment as well as amenities matter a lot.

Therefore before you embark on choosing the best club that will guarantee you stunning spanking, spank, bdsm, fetish and other services in San Jose in California, it is prudent to consider the aforementioned tips. When you consider things, they will definitely help you to attain a milestone in your fetish lifestyle particularly in San Jose.

Top 5 Places to spend your night life in San Jose

If time is limited and you don’t have a chance to search for the best place to be, this is a list of top 5 places to spend your nightlife in San Jose. These areas guarantee a taste of the city and a stellar experience you can’t miss.

5. Trials Pub

The Trials Pub is a British-style pub and is an 1894 building which has functioned as a brothel, a hotel, and also as an extra jail space. The food menu contains all the favorites: chicken curry, shepherd’s pie, bangers, mash, fish, and chips. It also has the best-pulled pint of Guinness in San Jose.

4. Hedley Club

Sophisticated and classy, the Hedley Club is perfect to those who like to enjoy a night out and has already moved beyond the meat-market club scene. Their art deco interior is inviting with a comfy seating and a wood-burning fireplace. There is also a live jazz performance every Friday and Saturday night.

3. The Flying Martini Brothers Bar & Bistro

At this bar, bartenders do tricks, and the drinks come in various rainbow hues, and party people are friendly and fun. You should expect sing-alongs, dancing on the bar, and also an excellent rough time. Despite this rowdiness, red walls, plasma TVs and modern d├ęcor elevate the place well.

2. South First Billiards

Sometimes there is the itch to shoot some pool. While you are in San Jose, you should go to this place. This place has more than 25 tables in which you can enjoy a full bar and food menus. The atmosphere of this place is upscale but casual.

1. Gordon Biersch Brewery

Gordon Biersch Brewery is one of the famous chain brewpub known for its flavor-packed menu of excellent garlic mashed potatoes and also their fine selection of German lagers and ales. During the weekends, it gets very crowded and somewhat loud which makes a fun place to spend time especially for people with age in between 21 and 35. During the summer, you will find a little live music if you happen to spend time at this place.